Friday, April 16, 2010


Meal planning sucks. Its boring. Its not the way I like to cook. I like to shop for what looks good, totally wing it, try new ideas. In my mind this works. In reality, I spend way more money that I should, throw out far too much food and even though I've spent the weekly grocery budget, I don't actually have anything for dinner. So, I'm back to meal planning, and I'm going to share those plans here.
I really do find that when I have a plan for dinner, I spend way less on groceries. Now that I am home, I am really trying to stick to a grocery budget.
Here's what I'm going for:
5 meals a week (I don't want to be tied down to a plan on the weekends)
Generally healthy meals that everyone in my family, and hopefully yours if you are joining us, will like. I promised my husband no more Lentil Loaf!
Meals that are pretty easy to make but require more effort than just adding a can of soup to meat. I like to at least pretend I'm still a chef!
I will either get all of the recipes from one cookbook - I'll try to pick books that you might find in your local library. Or, I will post links to recipes that I find online. I'll post a picture of my blackboard with the meals on Sundays along with links and maybe a grocery list? I'll have to see how that would work.
If you have any favorite recipes that fit the bill, send them too me!


Julie said...

I am all about a meal plan. The furthest I have gotten with it is special meal theme nights...e,g. Monday is leftover night, Tuesday is Pasta night, Wednesday is Chicken/Pork night, Thursday is breakfast night and Friday is whatever we have left. I love the idea...thanks for helping us all out...will you be sure to make a little extra so while I am away on biz trips, keith and the kids will actually eat something healhty?

Carrie said...

i like the chalkboard wall!! At our house it always ends up being some pasta or stir fry if we don't plan ahead. Defrosting is half the battle!! That meal plan does look tasty - can you send us the leftovers? :)

Heidi said...

@ Julie...yes, I will make us all dinner!

@ Carrie..I love the chalkboard wall...I have a defrosting problem also. We are working on the mp3 thing for ya...AND THERE ARE STILL NO NEW HOUSE PICTURES LOL