Saturday, May 22, 2010


Remember the 'Honey-Do' post a few weeks ago? It was actually part of a contest through Twitter Moms, sponsored by ServiceLive. Guess what? I was chosen as one of two winners of the grand prize! So now I have a nice credit over with the good folks at ServiceLive to hire a handyman. And, even though my husband is super handy and owns every tool imaginable, I REALLY do need that handyman. Here's why......
Remember this picture? This is the toilet paper holder in the boys/guest bathroom. It fell down last November. I remember when it fell down because it was right before I was going to host over 30 people for Thanksgiving dinner. When you are about to have that many people over, you notice things like toilet paper on the floor.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Remember on my "Honey-Do" list when I said that the stairs, walkway and patio area outside the kitchen door were "temporary"? Well, I have come to terms with the fact that they are "TEMPORARY" in the same sense that the Throgs Neck Bridge is "TEMPORARILY" under construction. A LIFETIME of "Temporary". And, I just can't live with the scene above for one more summer. It looks like the yard of ax wielding banjo players...Oh, wait.

Monday, May 17, 2010

PFD Ep 10: From Bed to Couch

Heidi has a new workout plan. Julie is digging her new Vampire series and Heidi recs a book, a Wii game and TV shows. Teen advice: "Don't encourage, expose." Black eyes, sunburn, meow meow kitty and more on Episode 10.

Library Thing
Suicide Prevention
Bethel Farm

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Will the Corn Grow? And Other Things in My Container Garden

Container gardening. That is all I have room for and time for...that is until I can take down the kids swings and quit my job and plant the big garden I really want. Anyway, I stick with what I can manage and that is containers on my deck. Today, I finally got to plant some tomatoes, peppers, dill, and thai basil.

Friday, May 14, 2010


We shrugged off all responsibility, jumped in the car and went North. We found ourselves at the
Bethel Woods Museum. It is a big tribute to hippies and Woodstock and drugs. A perfect place for families to spend some quality time!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dorothy Hamill Rocks!

I'm at a black tie dinner for suicide prevention- a cause close to my
heart. Dorothy Hamill is here emceeing. She looks great but also
suffers from depression. Amazing courage. Visit for more
information. -Julie

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Norman has been on vacation all this week. Since he has been at his job for a long time he gets more vacation time than we can actually spend vacationing. So, he has been taking a week off every year just to get stuff done around the house. Although, we never really get anything done during that week...see Honey-Do post! We always have big plans, and we do get some things done...but, well...when Max is finally on the bus and Jack 'Chuck Taylor's' it out the door...Norman and I give each other the same look that two teenagers whose parents just pulled out of the driveway headed away for the weekend give each other. Except now the keg is already hidden in the basement, we have the keys to the car and we know the pin for the ATM.

Today we finally got bored in the house...ahem...and ventured out to do some shopping and lunching. Now that we are equipped with navigation, we were feeling brazen and ventured to the Garden State. Without navigation, New Jersey is just a maze of jug handles and intersecting routes and seeing your desination on the other side of the road WITH NO LEFT TURNS IN THE ENTIRE STATE.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

My Mother's Day and Bumps and Co.

Norman woke me up bright and early this morning with coffee and an amazing lox, red onion and tomato everything bagel. It was splendid. We ate, laughed and ignored the crumbs that come with eating an everything bagel in bed. I stayed in bed and Norman went to wrangle the boys. This is where I have to keep in mind that they mean well. Quiet is not a color those boys wear well.

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Saturday, May 08, 2010

PFD Ep 9: Special Mother's Day Edition (Not Really)

Heidi finds out she is worth more married. "There is a book on manners on the market, buy it" - says Julie's mom.  Just hand them the cash. No that is not my butt! Starbucks needs a better back up plan. All this and more on episode 9.

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I'm calling you out, Norman! Twitter Moms want to know what is on my Honey-Do list, and I'm gonna show them. First, these stairs. When we renovated the house these were the 'TEMPORARY' stairs from the kitchen door. That was three years ago. Don't ever let your husband do anything 'TEMPORARY' unless it is something you can live with for the next ten years.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Boston is burning!

Seriously. I'm working and had to leave a building due to a small
fire. While that may seem like no big deal. Boston has no water! A
water main break occurred over the weekend. Plus its no longer raining.

More importantly no water means no Starbucks coffee being brewed
anywhere in town!

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developments. So many PFDs in progress I can't keep track.


Sunday, May 02, 2010

PFD Ep 8: Deer Feet Hooks, Banjo Lessons, and Dog Poop in the Minivan

This week Heidi throws poop all over the neighborhood, calls her husband out at RadioShack and is going to start taking Banjo lessons. Julie's son is a future broadcaster and is trying to get her husband to move his man cave and has come to terms with the kegarator coming to her house!

Doggie Diapers
Banjo Music
Emmet Otters Jug Band

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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Vote: Which One Do I Buy First?

Ok, so if you have been listening to the pfdpodcast (I know you all are) then you know that I (Julie) have been talking about replacing my refrigerator and getting a king size bed. Since both of these require some research and time to actually go and see/test the items, I need some help. Which should I buy first? Keep in mind that I am not in an urgent urgent need to replace either items and I am not sure I will be able to replace other items in the room (we are redoing the bathroom not the kitchen now and we are redoing the location of our bedroom closet thereby reducing furniture in the room), but here's some facts to help you make your decision (for me!):

Current Bed 
Queen Size
Headboard - well there is one I just tried to make a different one (not working out so well)
7 years old
Simmons Beautyrest - Still very comfortable

Kitchen Aid
9 years old
Broken ice maker
Leaky water dispenser
Cracked door