Tuesday, April 06, 2010


During last weeks spring cleaning blitz, I came across a box of items that were given to me when my grandmother passed away. One of the items was her sewing box. I remember this box so well from visits to her house. Sometimes it was by her chair in the living room, sometimes in her bedroom next to the table that held her pink ashtray with the black specks to make it look like stone.

I can remember loving the way the whole box opened up, it seemed so big as a kid. I loved all of the doodads and whooziwhats contained inside that box and spent so much time going through everything. I can so clearly picture Nan's hands, with her always long and manicured nails, reaching into this box.

When she died, and this was placed in my possession, I don't think I was old enough yet to get how special it was. I am so glad that younger me didn't get rid of it. Now, as an older and more sentimental woman, I find myself sitting on my bedroom floor, spending so much time going through everything. It will live in my room now. And, even though it will probably never see much more action than a loose button, it will be very loved.

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that is some cool stuff