Saturday, May 08, 2010


I'm calling you out, Norman! Twitter Moms want to know what is on my Honey-Do list, and I'm gonna show them. First, these stairs. When we renovated the house these were the 'TEMPORARY' stairs from the kitchen door. That was three years ago. Don't ever let your husband do anything 'TEMPORARY' unless it is something you can live with for the next ten years.

Second, this Blue Stone path. It is supposed to go from the kitchen door to the cars. For the past three years we have just trudged through the mud. My husband says he can't do the path till he finishes the steps...OKAY THEN.

This is one of the legs on the kid's swing set. I am pretty sure it should be more together than this. I keep asking him to fix it. If your kid ever comes home bloody from our house because the swing set collapsed...keep in mind it was NORMAN's fault!

Ah, this. The toilet paper holder fell down last November. Apparently, to put it back up would require anchors. We already own these anchors. They are in the basement. Norman's man cave is in the basement. He is down there at least once a day....since November. That's 150 trips to the basement and back, at least. The anchors are still in the basement. Maybe they are really heavy? Maybe these are ship anchors? Toilet paper still on the floor...NICE.

My feet. I keep foot massage on the list. Its a Honey-Do that doesn't. But, if you ask him, he swears he rubs my feet all the time! He must be delirious from hauling those ship anchors down to the basement that one time.
He does wear a bow-tie and let me take pictures of him when I ask! He also laughs when I tell him I'm going to post it on the Internet...right under that list of things he never does. Somehow, I don't think I'm any closer to a walkway, or stairs, or a foot rub.
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Julie said...

Oh this is the best post! love the bow have to win Heidi.

Jennifer said...

Now we know what he can do while we bake pies....