Sunday, May 09, 2010

My Mother's Day and Bumps and Co.

Norman woke me up bright and early this morning with coffee and an amazing lox, red onion and tomato everything bagel. It was splendid. We ate, laughed and ignored the crumbs that come with eating an everything bagel in bed. I stayed in bed and Norman went to wrangle the boys. This is where I have to keep in mind that they mean well. Quiet is not a color those boys wear well.

Later in the morning, Jack used the log splitter for the first time. He split a LOT of wood and still has 5 fingers on each hand. I have 6 more grey hairs.

Sandy girl stole kindling wood. Butthead.

And then we went here to buy my Mother's Day plants. Every year I get plants for Mother's Day. Always all my vegetables for the garden and some other coveted perennial beauty. And this year I found the mother of all nurseries. This is the BEST place to buy plants. It is owned by Otti and Ron Breland and is called Bumps and Co.
Here are some of their bee hives. I had never seen hives like this and I love them. It makes me want to keep bees. Maybe after I get Norman to build me a chicken coop I will work on getting him to build me one of these.

This is the entrance into the veggie patch. This was where all of the hardier plants are. The more delicate plants were kept in long, low to the ground covered rows that Ron built. He has copper pipes running under the beds to keep them warm all winter long. It is really an amazing system.

The variety they offer is amazing. And, since they grow them all...and more importantly...EAT them all, they are very familiar with what each plant produces. So, when I said I want some peppers good for spicy Thai dishes, they were able to hook me up with the perfect plant.
My boys all waited patiently, which was a good Mother's Day gift in itself! Thank you ya!
Norman told Max that it was farmerish to chew on a stick.
Max must not have that particular farmer gene.
And here is my final Mother's Day loot.
5 tomato plants
1 Rosemary
2 Thai Basil
1 pickling cucumber
1 reg. cucumber
1 striped squash
1 zucchini
green, red and purple peppers
2 hot peppers
2 different eggplants
and 1 yellow rose
And from seed...pole beans, bush beans, carrots and cilantro.
I just need to pick up some reg. basil plants and I will be set. Now if it would just warm up, I could plant!