Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Norman has been on vacation all this week. Since he has been at his job for a long time he gets more vacation time than we can actually spend vacationing. So, he has been taking a week off every year just to get stuff done around the house. Although, we never really get anything done during that week...see Honey-Do post! We always have big plans, and we do get some things done...but, well...when Max is finally on the bus and Jack 'Chuck Taylor's' it out the door...Norman and I give each other the same look that two teenagers whose parents just pulled out of the driveway headed away for the weekend give each other. Except now the keg is already hidden in the basement, we have the keys to the car and we know the pin for the ATM.

Today we finally got bored in the house...ahem...and ventured out to do some shopping and lunching. Now that we are equipped with navigation, we were feeling brazen and ventured to the Garden State. Without navigation, New Jersey is just a maze of jug handles and intersecting routes and seeing your desination on the other side of the road WITH NO LEFT TURNS IN THE ENTIRE STATE.

First stop was Chef Central. Oh how I love that store! We were looking for a replacement for the above tragedy. Only I could break the unbreakable Le Creuset . AARRRRG. I should have gone with a wood floor in the kitchen...tile really does break everything...sorry Steve, I should have listened to you!
Then we had lunch at Jose Tejas. YUM! Great place, Great food. I'm pretty sure we should have our first PFDPodcast meet-up there! And now I hear Norman digging in the leftovers and I must go claim the guacamole!

And Chips....

Love, Heidi.