Sunday, May 02, 2010

PFD Ep 8: Deer Feet Hooks, Banjo Lessons, and Dog Poop in the Minivan

This week Heidi throws poop all over the neighborhood, calls her husband out at RadioShack and is going to start taking Banjo lessons. Julie's son is a future broadcaster and is trying to get her husband to move his man cave and has come to terms with the kegarator coming to her house!

Doggie Diapers
Banjo Music
Emmet Otters Jug Band

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avonbyniki said...

First, you guys just got me through cleaning my oldest son's room! I put you on and cleaned and I was laughing out loud. It was great!
Second, you guys should come to my house and see how things are wired and hooked up. My hubby had to buy an idiot friendly remote for me-which btw, is still hard to use. Heidi, I can so see you playing the banjo, by a camp fire, the guys drinking beer, you in overalls with straw sticking out of your mouth. hahahaha

Heidi said...

I listen to podcasts while cleaning too! It makes it MUCH more fun to clean. Glad you liked the have to have John forward the info on the idiot friendly remote to Norman! And, LOL on the banjo!!! Good thing I like overalls!