Saturday, May 01, 2010

Vote: Which One Do I Buy First?

Ok, so if you have been listening to the pfdpodcast (I know you all are) then you know that I (Julie) have been talking about replacing my refrigerator and getting a king size bed. Since both of these require some research and time to actually go and see/test the items, I need some help. Which should I buy first? Keep in mind that I am not in an urgent urgent need to replace either items and I am not sure I will be able to replace other items in the room (we are redoing the bathroom not the kitchen now and we are redoing the location of our bedroom closet thereby reducing furniture in the room), but here's some facts to help you make your decision (for me!):

Current Bed 
Queen Size
Headboard - well there is one I just tried to make a different one (not working out so well)
7 years old
Simmons Beautyrest - Still very comfortable

Kitchen Aid
9 years old
Broken ice maker
Leaky water dispenser
Cracked door

1 Comment:

Heidi said...

Go for the bed. Get the fridge when you redo the kitchen.