Sunday, May 16, 2010

Will the Corn Grow? And Other Things in My Container Garden

Container gardening. That is all I have room for and time for...that is until I can take down the kids swings and quit my job and plant the big garden I really want. Anyway, I stick with what I can manage and that is containers on my deck. Today, I finally got to plant some tomatoes, peppers, dill, and thai basil.

I also re-planted my kids corn he started to grow at school. I don't think he realizes that mommy will probably not be able to grow actual corn, but I will give it a try. 

Bets are starting now on how long it will take for me to kill it!

And speaking of killing things I had to buy and replace the Zinia's my son Alex brought home from school as I replanted those and they basically wilted into the ground. So you think he will know the difference? The one he brought home barely had any leaves and certainly no flowers.

Last but not least I planted some new Hosta's around the garage garden definitely needed some ground cover. Here's to eating what you grow!