Friday, April 30, 2010

First Batch of Beer is In - Welcome Octoberfest in April!

Yes Helmut and Fancy have cracked open the first batch of brewed beer from REd Barn Brewers and we are now tasting Octoberfest. It is actually not too bad. I am pleasantly surprised that it is drinkable. Here's to good times, tonight is kind of special....the Beaver Creek Lounge is open! Fire is burning and beer is cold. YEAH!

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Maureen Lee said...

Thanks for your post on the fine art of beer making - hubby & I make our own wine (well, through Fellini Wines...), and since he drinks beer, we've played with the idea of making that, too. It's good to know that it's actually drinkable! I found your blog through TwitterMoms, and I look forward to future posts! :)